My name is Petter Schölander, I'm 3D artist, animator and graphic designer from Sweden but living in London.

Some of my recent clients:

Universal Music Group, Google, The Stanley Kubrick Estate, The Design Museum, Interscope Records, Polydor Records, TEN Music Group, Vinter, Ros.

My tools that I know by heart:




After Effects

Cinema 4D


DAZ Studio

Final Cut Pro



But of course, you can see my skills in action to the left.

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Client: Meduza / Polydor Records

Had the honor of making the cover for Meduza's first ever release. the single blew up, been topping the charts all over the world and is currently in the top 25 most played song globally on Spotify today.

The Stanley Kubrick Exhibtion

Client: The Design Museum / The Kubrick Estate

Had the task to bring attention to everything related to the Stanley Kubrick Exhibtion, most of it in form of animations, but also some graphic design and film editing.

Liquid Ritual Artworks

Client: Liquid Ritual

Been working with the underground music label Liquid Ritual for over a year now and been creating all of their covers. Here are a selection of those covers:

Live Visuals

Client: Google

Worked for Google's new campaign titled "Translate Tour" where the band Vita Bergen made one song but in for example Swedish, English and French. So I made animations of Stockholm, London and Paris that was played at the live event at Google's headquarters in Stockholm. The capitols were played during the chorus of each representive language, and then I made other animations for the verses, as you can see below.

Horizon Zero Dawn Poster

Client: Self-promotion

A wonderful game with an artistic expression that I wanted to do an homage to, but use my own style whilst still keeping the feeling that I got from the game.


Personal project

My first short film. I created everything except the music, check full behind the scenes here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/69410157/1159-(Short-Movie)

Benjamin artworks

Client: Benjamin

Singer and rapper Benjamin wanted two artworks for two singles, and then a cover for the EP where the singles would be present. So I had this idea of a cover that kept growing with each single being released. Each chain represents one song off the EP. Hardest part with this one was to place each part of each chain by hand. So every ring thingy here is actually placed there manually.

Vinter artworks

Client: Vinter

Been working with the Swedish artist and producer Vinter for three of his singles:

Promotional videos for the covers above, made by me as well:

DAMN SON Magazine

Client: Self-promotion

A platform for talents all over the world, where no matter how many followers you have, it doesn't determine whether we support you or not. As long as your music makes us say "DAMN SON".

Issue 1 of the magazine is out now.




Nike Proposal

Client: Self-promotion

Nike proposal I made with Juppi Juppsen (juppijuppsen.com). We wanted to create something that didn't only have one element of Nike, but even more. That's why we have dancing, football, basketball and skatebording in this piece. Made in Illustrator and Cinema 4D.

The Lord of the Rings Poster

Client: Self-promotion

I'm a really big fan of the world J.R.R. Tolkien has created. I usually watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies 1-2 times a year as well as reading the books. Big creds to Peter Jackson who made some of the best movies of all time. Made this poster as a passion project and as a celebration to this wonderful saga.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Poster

Client: Self-promotion

The Dark Knight trilogy, by Cristopher Nolan. What an amazing adaption of this super hero. My favourite of them is the second one, I love to study it with all the angles they use, color choices and music. Had to make a poster for these.

I Have A Film logo

Client: I have a film

This is a French film company which reached out to me because they needed a logo. The logo contains of the first letter of each word layered on top of each other, which creates this abstract illustration of a film strip.

Check out some of their outstanding below:

Harry Potter Poster

Client: Self-promotion

Who doesn't love Harry Potter? I am no exception. I wanted to create a poster for all the seven stories.

The problem: How could I do this without the poster feeling cluttered and at the same time feel original?

The solution: Use a landscape where each segment is one of the books. The closest is the first book, and the one that's most far away is the last.

Orange St. logo

Client: Orange St.

Orange St. is a restaurant owned by by former private chef and cookbook author Kiano Moju, and it strives to bring the bright and balanced flavors of the food she grew up with in the Bay Area in United States, to London.

They wanted something that was related to California, since it was very important that this was not Mexican tacos. But at the same time, they didn't want to make it too obvious it was from Cali. So, I went with a friendly bear's face. Simple and memorable, this animal is the state symbol of California. Also went with clean and friendly colors, just to convey how their food looks on the plate, as you can see below in one of the projects I made for them as well.

Breaking Bad Poster

Client: Self-promotion

Breaking bad is my favourite tv-show of all time. Just like I stated regarding my The Shining poster, I am amazed by hidden messages and patterns. Same goes for breaking bad, it's those small details that just makes it the best. I did this poster at my last year at high school. Got very good response from my graphic illustration teacher and my classmates, which made me feel even more strongly about this piece.

The Shining Poster

Client: Self-promotion

I love The Shining. Absolutely love it. Why? Well, it's because of all its hidden messages. So I just had to make a poster, which in a sense of way, is very minimalistic, but at the same time: very complex. Exactly like Stanley Kubricks masterpiece The Shining. However, I don't want to explain the hidden messages in this piece. Some might be very easy to find, some might not. But that's the beauty in what Stanley did with this movie, isn't it? How at first glance, it might look simple or even weird, but if you look closely, there's more to it.

I made an alternativ version of this poster, which is shown below:

Thirty3 Logo

Client: Thirty3

Logo for music producer Thirty3. Played around with how I could make a logo where "Thirty3" was visible but not that obvious. Therefor at first, you might not notice that there is 3 lines + 3 lines = 33 = Thirt3.

Nike Illustrations

Client: Self-promotion

Got this idea in my notebook that I should try to make these kind of different Nike logos. Some are just made because I liked the shapes, some are made with more thoughts of what the logo could actually be. Like the banana or the wave.

The Creative Radar Logo

Client: The Creative Radar

This logo was created for the talent scout instagram "The Creative Radar". Wanted a logo which both had the "C" as in Creative but also the "radar" in it. So, the final product became a radar which looks like a C.